Two married mid 30's guys who make fun of their everyday life, jobs, families, and hobbies.

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    SC115 - Tattoos - Politics

    In this weeks episode the guys invite their buddies Kyle and Jon into the studio. This week is all about tattoos and politics...somewhat!

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    SC114 - Miss Paige - Interior Design - Relationships

    In this weeks episode, the guys invite interior designer Melanie Paige into the studio. They talk design, dating, and relationships. Also, be sure to check out the new sponsor Hemp Bombs.

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    SC113 - These Fine Gentlemen - Music

    In this weeks episode the guys are visited by the guys from These Fine Gentlemen. They have a new album coming out which you can hear their single only on Smugcast Enjoy!

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    SC111 - Josh Boyer - My Backstory

    In this weeks episode the guys talk to Josh Boyer from Josh is a USAF Vet, podcaster, and Chief Operating Philosopher. Enjoy!

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    SC110 - Calvin Turner - Standup Comedy - Anal Trends

    In this weeks episode, the guys invite standup comedian and fellow podcaster Calvin Turner into the studio. They discuss podcasting, halloween costumes, trends in anal play, and so much more.

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    SC109 - Natty and the Roid - Weight Lifting - Steroids

    In this weeks episode, the guys invite Devin and Jon from the new podcast Natty and the Roid into the studio. They discuss their new podcast that comes out October 22nd and a little insight into being an all natural lifter and one on steroids.

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    SC108 - AP vs Juice "The Battle"

    In this weeks episode, AP and Juice battle it out to see who is the best white mediocre battle rapper between the two of them.

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