Two married mid 30's guys who make fun of their everyday life, jobs, families, and hobbies.

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    SC108 - AP vs Juice "The Battle"

    In this weeks episode, AP and Juice battle it out to see who is the best white mediocre battle rapper between the two of them.

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    SC106 - Cynthia Schmidt - Legends Football League

    In this weeks episode the guys invite Legends Football League player Cynthia Schmidt into the studio. They discuss her career as well as her return to the league after a debilitating neck injury.

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    SC104 Mac Miller - Women's Rights - Weddings

    In this weeks episode the guys invite Deadman into the studio. They're talking the untimely death of rapper Mac Miller, addiction, and womens rights.

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    SC103 - Kamikaze - Mumble Rap - Kate Mckinnon

    In this weeks episode the guys invite cousin Chris into the studio. They discuss Eminem's new album and just how shitty mumble rap is. Dive elbow deep into this episode and get a little shit on your hands. Enjoy!

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    SC102 - Hip Hop - NBA - Boxing

    In this weeks episode the guys discuss NBA stars and their rap careers along with a bunch of other randomness.

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    SC101-Uncle Bucks House

    In this weeks episode Uncle Buck stops by to teach the boys life lessons in comedy. We're talking comedy, clogging, and the wild and wonderful whites of West Virginia.

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    Smugcast Episode 100

    Smugcast celebrates 100 episodes, hosted by Juice from the Juice in the Morning podcast.

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    Ass Clappin and Dick Tattoos

    In this weeks episode, the guys invite Ben Polizzi and Deadman into the studio for some dick joke antics. Were talking ass clappin, dick joke fappin, asshole status relaxin. Enjoy!

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